Hello World – the PROCEED project start

Welcome to PROCEED!

this is the new website of the PROCEED project. Here you’ll find regular updates about our progress and some insights on interesting topics. Additionally we’ll publish a documentation site where you can find information about the software, the architecture, the project management and the backgrounds. But first, let’s start with a short introduction of the project and its goals:

PROCEED is a project funded by the German government within the Software Campus initiative. This format allows a researcher to realize his project idea and be supported with some management training and some financial means to buy some hardware or hire some research assistants. Also part of this initiative is the cooperation with an industry partner – in this project it is the well-known Scheer GmbH.

The main trigger for this project came from the recent shift to more and more distributed systems in the software architecture world, e.g. with blockchains, big data processing or edge computing. We saw the need for also decentralizing process engines instead of having a centralized BPMS. This can help to include the ever increasing amount of ubiquitous IoT devices into some kind of business process. Other interesting goals are the realization of processes that are context-aware and transportable. The former should examine how to use surrounding devices to create more individual processes, whereas the latter considers that there are sometimes constraints for some critical systems to work offline. Over time you will find more about the goals on this page: http://docs.snet.tu-berlin.de/proceed/basics/goals/ 

I’m personally very excited about the process of the project and hope you will follow our progress.

Thank you for reading!
Kai Grunert